Story Match® connects brands with relevant members of the media. It was created to solve two main problems. For the members of the media, we are allowing journalists to choose which story pitches they receive. For brands, we are helping them get noticed.

Created by a journalist and a publicist with over 15 years’ experience, the self-service App and Desktop software allows brands to connect with the media in a real time private chat. By improving these efficiencies, brands get noticed and journalists don’t have to wade through hundreds of irrelevant press releases and emails every day. That’s right, kiss goodbye that press releases, stop wasting your time reading irrelevant pitches, start swiping and producing beautiful content.

Described as the “Tinder for the media industry” Story Match® innovative algorithm uses swiping technology to connect brands with the media. You can now manage your own media campaign in the palm of your hand.

It’s simple. Here’s how it works:

  • A member of the media sets up their profile by selecting from up to 50 industries they’re interested in receiving pitches about.
  • Media can also select which States or Territories they want to receive pitches from
  • On the other side of the market, brands (whether they’re publicists, brand managers, marketing managers, communications managers, or business owners) upload a pitch.
  • When they upload a pitch, they can tag specific industries and locations. If there’s a match on industry tags, the journalist sees the story pitch. If they swipe right, the two parties will connect in a real-time private chat, allowing them to coordinate the story.
  • Once the story goes live, airs, is published and visible to the public, brands will thrive.

Story Match® is currently functioning in Australia and will be available in international markets very soon.

Share your feedback with us by emailing us hello@storymatch.com.au